Git is easy with practice

As you go through the course you will practice common git commands by pressing buttons and not typing commands. The course will walk you through common options and workflows.

Why Git for MATLAB?

After working several years at MathWorks and creating a consulting company around Numerical Computing with languages like MATLAB and Python it became clear that there are many people who are not trained as software developers who end up spending a lot of their time coding.

As VersionBay got hired to help transition individuals writing code in MATLAB to sharing with others and collaborating the topic of Version Control just kept coming up. This course is created based on several live training sessions that we have given to ensure that people make small changes and start using git for the right reasons and do not think of it as overhead.

Main Ideas Covered from Gareth

This course is a subset of the Paid Git for MATLAB Users. The intent is to give you a feeling of what to expect in the course.


Course will start with an overview of what comes out of the box with MATLAB, and motivate an easier way of working.

Git in Visual Studio Code with MATLAB

Leveraging the power of Microsoft's Visual Studio Code large ecosystem of extensions enables an easier way of working with MATLAB and git.

Git with GitHub

Once the fundamental concepts of Git are understood, and how to use them with MATLAB, the next step is using GitHub. The workflow for working on other platforms is very similar.


What will you learn

  • Why use Git
  • How to use Git with MATLAB
  • Some additional tools that make life easy
  • MATLAB Projects
  • Resolving Conflicts
  • First Steps in Testing
  • Practice on GitHub
  • Setting up first GitHub Actions